I let my judgement cloud me

because every guy I have ever dated has cheated on me

I thought i was sexy, I mean look at these curves!

I thought i heard men like them extra?

I was all wrong.

Now i have someone i really like,

I know he would definitely love to love me,

Thats what i would want i guess!

but, i let my judgement cloud me

Because every guy i have ever dated has cheated on me

Its the first day we’ve met, and he texted

“Hey beautiful! you looked good today

With them extra curves, i mean girl, you are blessed.

I blushed, my adrenaline rushing down to my rusty toes

listing down every last moment i wanted to hear such but sweet words.

But i don’t have anything to say, so I end up speech-less.

Ooh Ooh! whats that emoji that means in love but not fully in love?

I mean, am not in love right? i just met him!

So day after day, i can read he cares about me,

And he tries hard to make me learn he is different.

But am i used to being used? so instead of him stripping off

My torn veil panties down, I strip his shirt off so i can admire his

Broad wide muscular shoulders. He doesn’t have the power to say no

Because he wants to.

So he goes with the flow, but am disgusted right after, because i know,

I know i want to keep him.

But i let my judgement cloud me

Because every guy i have ever dated has cheated on me.

This, is the Untold Truth


What’s Beauty Really?

I remember when I was young. I remember sitting on the toilet sit in the bathroom for hours and hours crying asking myself why I was never beautiful enough. I would stand in the mirror and point out the flaws and I would say: why do I have the biggest nose? Why does it cover my whole face? Why do I have cheekbones? It was always why why why. I never really understood. But really true beauty doesn’t ask why. It asks how. How do I help her with her math problem? How do I become a better bf/gf, how can I be his/her friend. It is knowing what lies inside of you and the power it carries from the outside. If you are Kind,Loving, Caring, gentle or patient you posses true beauty and are better than that one with implants for a better nose or a better butt or a better shaped head. It all lies in the knowledge of what lies inside of you. Your strengths and your weaknesses. Don’t let the Mirror define how powerful you are. Your possessions are within the boundaries of your heart not the lining of your body.